how to start saving

Discover how we can help you to save


Plan the path to realising your personal and professional projects. We help you to protect your first car or first home.


You can design the savings plan that best suits your needs, as well as modify it as and when you want.

Extensive coverage

Guarantee your family's future with the most comprehensive protection such as coverage in the event of death, disability or serious illness.

When to start saving for your future

When to take out a pension plan


Save thinking about tomorrow

You've probably made plans for the future for you and your loved ones, but in most cases these plans are accompanied by a financial outlay. Therefore, a savings plan adapted to suit your needs may be your answer.

What life insurance is


Create your piggy bank for the future

Even if you don't want to think about it, if something happens to you one day, your family's peace of mind and safety is a concern that you can take care of now. Should an unforeseen event arise, you and your family will always have the necessary financial backing.

Savings insurance for families


How to start saving from scratch

If you are thinking about how to start saving, don't know when to take out a pension plan, or if you have any questions about the best protection option for your loved ones when you are gone, we'll try to help you.

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Do you have any queries?

After you have decided which savings model best suits your needs or if you have any queries about which product to take out to cover unforeseen events, we are at your disposal in any of these ways:

Discover our savings insurance policies

Growing Savings insurance

Manage your savings flexibly and securely.

  • Obtain a guaranteed medium-term and long-term return.
  • Freely access your money from the first year.

Capital Savings insurance

The fastest return on your savings.

  • Obtain a guaranteed short- and medium-term return.
  • Freely access your money from the ninth month.

SIALP Savings

Your safest 5-year plan.

  • Build assets with guaranteed interest.
  • Benefit from the tax exemption of the returns you generate.


Build a savings plan tailored to your goals.

  • Decide your own investment strategy.
  • Do not pay tax on the capital generated if you receive it in the form of income.

Multi-fund Investment

Diversify your investment and grow your savings.

  • Choose and combine a choice of eight funds.
  • Change your strategy as many times as you like.

Temporary Life insurance

The necessary financial support for an unforeseen event.

  • Death and disability.
  • Advance payment of capital due to serious illness.


You can resolve your queries and take out your savings insurance at your nearest Occident branch. Our experts will help you find the most suitable solution for you.

With most savings options, you won't have to assume any risk in the investment and you will obtain an increasing return. In any case, our experts will be able to clarify your doubts before you take out the policy.

  •  People with family responsibilities who want them to have the necessary financial support if any unforeseen event occurs.
  • All those who want their heirs to have funds to pay Inheritance and Gifts Tax.
  • Those who have a mortgage, a loan or debts and want them to be settled if they die.

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