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We have the insurance you need for your most valuable assets

The best company for your ideal car

Cover your new vehicle for all your journeys with the maximum protection and the possibility of extending it with additional coverage.

Personalise your car insurance

Insure the entire family and any situation by personalising your vehicle insurance and taking out the coverage you really need.

Extensive network of workshops

The best network of workshops and experts will protect your car and your home, and the best specialists will also take care of your belongings.

Insure what has cost you so much to achieve: your new home and the car of your dreams

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Insurance for your second home or rental property

Having your family home protected is essential, but if you have been able to purchase a second home, whether for your own enjoyment, for renting or as a tourist rental you will know how important it is to have this source of income insured.

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Insure your ideal car

The time has come when you can finally buy your dream car, and now you have to choose the best insurance for the perfect car. At Occident we have car insurance plans to suit everyone.

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Looking ahead to the future: the smart home and the latest generation cars

If in addition to ensuring your peace of mind, you want to do it with the comfort of a connected home, or if you have decided to move in a more sustainable direction, these words are sure to sound familiar to you, but also need the reassurance of added security.

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And if you're still weighing up the differences between a comprehensive insurance or comprehensive insurance with excess, or you're not clear how your insurance can help you to rent your second home, it is very possible that you can find the solution through one of these routes:

Choose from our car and home insurance policies

Full third-party car insurance

Greater protection, greater peace of mind.

  • Extended security.
  • Assistance from km 0.
The most popular policy

Comprehensive Car Insurance with excess

Adjusted premium without foregoing any coverage.

  • Own damage.
  • Extended assistance.

Fully comprehensive car insurance with no excess

We cover everything, absolutely everything.

  • 360º protection for your vehicle.
  • Replacement vehicle included.
The most popular policy

Home insurance

Your home is unique and special, that's why we offer you tailor-made protection.

  • 24 assistance and emergency services.
  • BricoHogar Service include. 

Lessor Home insurance

Maximum protection, total peace of mind for your rented home.

  •   24 assistance and emergency services.
  •   Loss of rent.


Insurance for holiday homes for rent

Maximise the security of your holiday home.

  • 24-hour assistance and emergency services.
  • Protection against theft and acts of vandalism.


Going to one of the more than 300 AutoPresto garages available brings with it a series of advantages for comprehensive insurance policyholders with excess:

  • €60 discount on the excess
  • Preferential assessment and repairs
  • Free courtesy vehicle
  • Free cleaning
  • Repairs guaranteed for three years
  • Etc.

Provided that the driver of the vehicle is a policyholder, the other passengers in the vehicle are covered against damage in an accident.

If your tenant fails to pay the rent, Home insurance protects you by covering the amounts due. It also gives you protection against any damage to your home by the tenant.

You only need to contact us. A team of lawyers will advise you personally and defend your interests in any dispute related to your home, including disputes related to the rental contract.


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