self-employed van insurance

Find out how to keep moving

Appeals against fines

Our legal team will take full charge of managing your fines so that you don't have to worry about anything, just to drive with peace of mind.

Assistance from km 0.

So that you can travel worry-free by offering coverage for both the driver, the passengers and the vehicle.

Loss of driving licence

If you lose your driving licence temporarily, you will receive financial assistance to correct the situation.

How to keep the motor running

professional driver insurance


Insurance for all professional vehicles

Whether it's a tractor, a van or a taxi, if your livelihood depends on a vehicle, you know how important it is to have it protected against any incident. That's why you need to protect it with our professional vehicle insurance.

passenger driver insurance


Efficiency and saving to boost mileage

The best service stations, the fuel that runs best, or the hole where the coins you drop fall into. You know everything about your vehicle, but it never hurts to learn something else if it can help you improve.

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Do you have any questions?

On this journey you will have to deal with many things on your own, but clearing up queries about your insurance or requesting help in taking out insurance policies will not be one of them, because we are there for you in these ways.

Find out about our insurance for self-employed drivers

Self-employed Van Insurance

More than your means of transport, your means of subsistence.

  • Assistance from km 0.
  • Alerts and appeals against fines


Insurance for agricultural vehicles

Maximum protection for your tractor and for you.

  • Adapted to suit your machine's characteristics.
  • Civil liability included.

Withdrawal of licence insurance

Insure your driving licence.

  • Financial compensation if your licence is withdrawn.
  • Legal advice and defence.


Your van insurance coverage includes a fine appeal service. Furthermore, in the event that you lose all your points, the payment of a points recovery course is included. As additional cover you can arrange for the payment of compensation for the withdrawal of your licence and the optional traffic fine notification service.

An expert appraiser will be responsible for drafting a detailed report with all the events that have taken place to initiate the claim with the garage. If it is not accepted, the expenses covered will be claimed legally.

Because it's intended to protect, advise and defend the needs, rights and interests of drivers and their vehicles. It is also the best supplement to your compulsory car insurance.


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