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Personal mobility (PMV)

You choose your urban mobility vehicle for rent or sharing, PMV, public transport, taxi or VFH and we will ensure your peace of mind.

First car? First insurance policy

Your challenge will be to find the best cars for young people. Our challenge is to make sure you have the best insurance to ensure you are always protected when you drive.

Leasing for young people

Drive a new car without making a down-payment and in exchange for instalments that include: insurance, taxes, maintenance…

Better urban mobility transport

urban mobility vehicles


PMV. The sustainable option

If you prefer to get around the city with no strings attached, at a low cost and avoiding traffic jams, an electric scooter or another VMP (Personal Mobility Vehicle) may be the solution for you. Want to know more?

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You are young, enjoy your first car

Your first car will accompany you on your road trips and bring you wonderful moments and memories, but like any car for young people, it has points that are important to remember.

best cars young people


Leasing. What does it offer you?

If what you are looking for is to always have a car that is in perfect working order and at the forefront of technology and safety, leasing may be your answer.

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Do you have any queries?

Now that you have decided on whether you prefer to get around on an electric scooter or if you prefer a car, whether purchased or leased, you may have some questions about which insurance policy to take out, and for that, we also have a solution:

Discover our urban mobility insurance policies

Insurance for bicycles

Maximum protection on wheels, whether you are an amateur or a professional.

  • Accident coverage.
  • Damage and theft to your bicycle.

Insurance for electric scooter

Get around in complete safety for you and your scooter.

  • Damage and theft.
  • Civil liability.

Basic third-party car insurance

The compulsory coverage your car needs.

  • Tailored price.
  • Assistance from km 0.

Full third-party car insurance

Greater protection, greater peace of mind.

  • Extended security.
  • Assistance from km 0.
The most popular policy

Comprehensive Car Insurance with excess

Adjusted premium without foregoing any coverage.

  • Own damage.
  • Extended assistance.


They are regarded as a complementary product for the user, they will not be duplicated with the insurance coverages of the mobility providers themselves, and in the event of partial overlapping, they will be treated as an extension of these coverages.

This kind of policy does not cover compulsory insurance coverage, nor does it cover workers in the course of their work (delivery drivers, etc.).

No. You can insure more than one personally owned personal mobility vehicle in the same policy, and it does not affect the price.


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