Owner association insurance

Garage owner association insurance

Occident garage owner association insurance
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What makes our garage owner association insurance different

Garage owner association insurance offers the best protection, care and coverage for associations of garage owners, in line with the characteristics and needs of each property with specific guarantees and services for the care of these areas.

Claims for non-payment

We defend your association's interests against all types of non-payment: non-payment or delay in payment of bills, extraordinary charges, etc.

Pest service

Our pest control service will take care of eliminating any cockroaches or rodents in the garage.


If your association's garage is insured with Occident, you will be entitled to a special discount when you take out your Home insurance.

Revaluation of capital

The garage owner association policy updates the value of the capital annually to ensure it is in line with current values.

Easy payment

We adapt to your payment preferences: choose whether you prefer to pay the fee in instalments or make a single annual payment.

What our garage owner association insurance covers

Services included in our garage owner association insurance

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