Preventive clearing

The maintenance needed to keep your community's pipes clear

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Preventive treatment for your owner's association

We send professional specialists to carry out preventive clearing of the discharge pipes in your owners' association property.

Qualified professionals

The best team to take care of your owners' association.

1 hour labour

No call-out charge.

Inspection with TV camera

of the final outlet pipe sections and inspection chambers.

What the owner association pipe clearing service includes

To prevent possible malfunctions in the future, it is essential to carry out the correct maintenance of manholes and siphon pipes. Our professionals will visit your building to:

  • Carry out a visual inspection.
  • Verify the number of inspection chambers and/or general siphons.
  • Clean inspection chambers and/or general siphons.
  • Apply degreaser.
  • Inspect the final outlet pipe sections and inspection chambers with TV camera.
  • Clean the area and collect material.
  • Apply air freshener liquid.

If the manhole is hidden, the cleaning service will be replaced with a inspecction chamber location service:

  • Inspection to confirm that there is no log to access the inspection chamber.
  • Localisation of the inspection chamber location using a detector.
  • Marking the location of the inspection chamber with temporary paint on the floor.

If there are unlogged siphonic pipes our service will install a PVC cover at no cost and then perform the preventive unblocking service.

Frequently asked questions

The pipe clearing service for owner associations can be requested after the first 2 months of coverage.

The policy covers one visit per year.

This service will be provided exclusively by professionals designated by the company. Therefore, no compensation will be paid for services rendered by professionals other than those appointed by Occident.

No. Using the preventive pipe clearing service does not affect the price of the premium.

Frequently asked questions

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