Notification of traffic fines

We notify you of your traffic fines

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You will receive a notification via email or SMS if you are subject to a traffic fine.

Don't let fines take you by surprise

With the traffic fine notification service, you can deal promptly with any fines you receive.

Official information

Our service uses official information sources to notify you of possible fines, while always guaranteeing your privacy.

Immediate notification

You will receive a personal notification by email or SMS, with all the information necessary to identify the fine.

Respond in time

Benefit from the 50% discount for quick payment or use the traffic fine defence coverage.

What the traffic fine notification service includes

This service will notify you of any fine or penalty received from the authorities for your vehicle that has been published in the TEU (Single Notice Board). The notice will contain the contact details of the fine management department in order that, if you want, you can ask for advice on the matter and, where necessary, appeal or claim the fine.

You will get instant notice of any traffic fines for your vehicle, which will avoid you paying the fine surcharge, saving 50% for prompt payment. You can also appeal your fine, where applicable, through our specialised legal advice service.

Frequently asked questions about the fine notification service

The final penalty will be paid by the individual who is fined.

You don't have to do anything. The fine notification service will be automatically included in your policy.

Using or requesting this service does not affect the price of the premium.

The traffic fine notification service will keep you fully informed without you having to worry about anything. If you don't have it, follow the instructions we have described in our blog to find out if you have any fines.

Frequently asked questions about the fine notification service

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