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If your car is a write-off, we offer you a replacement

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If your vehicle has been declared a total loss, our processing centre will invite you to take advantage of this service.

An alternative to compensation

This scheme is an alternative to traditional compensation in cases of total loss and offers great added value: we provide a new vehicle to replace the one that was damaged, with minimum inconvenience and full guarantees.

Personalised advice

with immediate effect.

Comprehensive management

In a single procedure.

Save time

and avoid travel.

1-year guarantee

Unlimited mileage.

Replacement of your insurance

for the period not used.

First service free

At our network of AutoPresto garages.

What the service includes in the event of total loss of the vehicle

After declaring the total loss of the vehicle, we will inform you of the different options we provide.

  • Compensation: we will indemnify you together with a purchase offer for the damaged vehicle.
  • Replacement with another vehicle: we will take care of all the procedures related to the purchase and sale and also of the damaged vehicle.

If this service interests you, we will analyse your needs and offer you the options of second-hand vehicles. If the vehicle you are interested in is of a higher value, you can pay the difference and if it is of a lower value, we will give you your money back.

Furthermore, we replace your insurance for the unused period of time, although you can adjust your guarantees again if you are interested.

Frequently asked questions

You can choose between various replacement cars but with no obligation.

A replacement vehicle will not be offered if the vehicle damaged is not the one insured.

Using or requesting this service does not affect the price of the premium.

Frequently asked questions

Policies most popular that include this service

Basic third-party car insurance

The compulsory coverage your car needs.

  • Tailored price.
  • Assistance from km 0.

Full third-party car insurance

Greater protection, greater peace of mind.

  • Extended security.
  • Assistance from km 0.
The most popular policy

Comprehensive Car Insurance with excess

Adjusted premium without foregoing any coverage.

  • Own damage.
  • Extended assistance.

Fully comprehensive car insurance with no excess

We cover everything, absolutely everything.

  • 360º protection for your vehicle.
  • Replacement vehicle included.

Electric Vehicles insurance

Bespoke solutions for your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

  • Battery theft and cable damage.
  • Eco or 0 replacement vehicle.