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Decide today on your digital presence for tomorrow.

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Digital legacy

Decide today on your digital presence for tomorrow.

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Decide today on your digital presence for tomorrow.

Make sure everything is made clear to the right people.

Last messages to your loved ones

Say goodbye to whomever you wish with a message that we will send them or think about the last post that will appear on your social networks.

Digital inheritance

Appoint a beneficiary for each of your online accounts, your digital money, your copyrights or documents of interest, and we will send it to them digitally or by post.


A place to remember and share experiences among all those who met you through a QR or NFC code.

What is included in the My digital legacy service



Policies most popular that include this service

Death Insurance

We take care of everything after a death.

  • Comprehensive funeral management.
  • Administrative service included.

Senior Death Insurance

Leave everything foreseen with a single payment.

  •  Comprehensive service management.
  •  No waiting periods.

Death insurance with repatriation

We'll take you back home, wherever you are.

  • Comprehensive service management.
  • Expenses of the companion are included.

Growing Savings insurance

Manage your savings flexibly and securely.

  • Obtain a guaranteed medium-term and long-term return.
  • Freely access your money from the first year.

Temporary Life insurance

The necessary financial support for an unforeseen event.

  • Death and disability.
  • Advance payment of capital due to serious illness.

Repayment Life Insurance

Insure your mortgage payment, whatever happens.

  • Death and disability.
  • Adapted to your type of loan.