private healthcare

Advantages of private healthcare

No waiting lists

Say goodbye to long waits. We offer you a fast, quality service with no extra costs.

Medical specialists

More than 49,000 professionals and 450 medical centres in the Occident medical directory to assist you.

Your private health insurance

We have different policy categories depending on the type of copayment that interests you most.

Health and dental insurance policies

private family health insurance


Prevention is better than cure

This saying is very wise and they have always told us that prevention is the best way to take care of yourself, but in addition to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits, there are some preventive programmes that we can take to ensure our children's health, coronary risk, early detection of certain types of cancer or dental health.

private family health insurance


Choose your private health insurance

If a shirt isn't the same fit for two different people, we can't believe that we all need the same care or treatment. That's why it's good to have options that adapt to what we really want and need. ´The same goes for our health insurance.

the best private health insurance


Stay in good health with our healthcare services

Even though your life is starting to become much more stable, it doesn't mean it's static. You move around and want your insurance to move with you and adapt to the new times. We have also taken this into account.

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Do you have any queries?

You're certainly in no doubt about how important it is to take care of your health, but if you still have any questions about coverage, exclusive services, scope of coverage, the authorisation process or simply want a quote for the best option, here you can find:

Discover our family health insurance

Healthcare insurance

Choose the copayment option you prefer and access the best private medical care.

  • Nearly 50,000 professionals and medical centres.
  • Keep your own paediatrician and gynaecologist.

Health Reimbursement Insurance

Guaranteed reimbursement of your medical expenses at any centre in Spain or abroad.

  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Dental services included.

Health well-being Insurance

Your most affordable health insurance with a broad range of doctors at agreed prices.

  • The best professionals and healthcare centres.
  • No waiting lists or waiting periods.


The medical video-consultation service gives you access to a doctor 24 hours a day so that you can consult, free of charge, any kind of health-related queries (physical, psychological, social, etc.).

To access this service you must download the Seguros Catalana Occidente app, available on Android and iOS, and select the option "Medical assistance".

You can also access the telephone medical advice service by calling 900 369 369.

Certain tests or treatment require prior authorisation from the company. For example, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, ECG, mammography, CT and hospital admission, among others.

Consultations with specialist doctors and simple diagnostic tests (blood tests, cytology, gynaecological ultrasound, biopsies, allergy tests and conventional radiography) do not require prior authorisation.

You will be able to visit your gynaecologist or paediatrician if they are not listed in your medical directory with a reimbursement of 80% of the submitted invoice, up to the limits established in the policy.


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