What is the relationship between my insurance and the new Animal Welfare Act?

The new Animal Welfare Act is intended to protect animals, regulate their care and possession, and impose penalties for those who do not fulfil the regulations related to their welfare. Occident would like to clarify your queries about the implications of this law.

29 September 2023

The law is already in force, but it will not be fully applicable until its regulatory development is executed.

Companion animals included

Dogs, cats, ferrets, wild species on a positive list, non-wild production animals and falconry birds and aquarium animals not included in the catalogue of protected wild species or in the catalogue of invasive exotic species.

Requirements for dog owners

A training course for new owners, a ban on leaving dogs unattended for more than 24 hours and a compulsory civil liability insurance are some of the requirements.

Using a microchip

Compulsory for dogs, cats, ferrets and banding for birds.

Identification and registration

Identification by a veterinarian and registration in the Companion Animal Register of the Autonomous Community.

Sterilisation and vaccination

Vaccination is compulsory; sterilisation is compulsory for adoptions and is also regulated for cat colonies. However, such cats which are considered "community cats" would be the responsibility of the local councils.

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