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Niro Grupo S.C. is a qualified insurance agency with 30 years of experience and generational change in Palafruguell.

We advise customers on insurance of all types, both for individuals and businesses, and we offer a wide range of products: auto, home, company, savings, accident, health, life, etc.

We travel to any company to craft a personalised product that has useful coverage so the customer only pays for what they really need, and, in the event of a claim, we process it from the outset and we see it through to the last detail.

We are backed by many years of work and professionalism.


Home, car, life insurance… We find the solution that best suits you.

We help you

We will accompany you and give you support whenever you need it, even in the event of a claim.

You decide

By telephone, at our branch or by email. You decide how you want us to help you.

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Products marketed by this agent

The most popular policy

Comprehensive Car Insurance with excess

Adjusted premium without foregoing any coverage.

  • Own damage.
  • Extended assistance.
The most popular policy

Home insurance

Your home is unique and special, that's why we offer you tailor-made protection.

  • 24 assistance and emergency services.
  • BricoHogar Service include. 

Healthcare insurance

Choose the copayment option you prefer and access the best private medical care.

  • Nearly 50,000 professionals and medical centres.
  • Keep your own paediatrician and gynaecologist.

Pet Insurance

The most comprehensive veterinary insurance for your pet.

  • Veterinary directory and our own network of pet homes.
  • Civil liability.

Temporary Life insurance

The necessary financial support for an unforeseen event.

  • Death and disability.
  • Advance payment of capital due to serious illness.

Capital Savings insurance

The fastest return on your savings.

  • Obtain a guaranteed short- and medium-term return.
  • Freely access your money from the ninth month.

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